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This really is the first blog post

I've always wanted to be a writer...... Click to read more...

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3 pages most days…

Well, that is the plan at least. To write three pages everyday just to get into the routine...... Click to read more...

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Hello again, seems I've missed a few story submissions... the only excuse I have is that I've been working on two projects. I've been typing away on these the past few months so haven't focused on the basics I hoped for when... Continue Reading →


He removed the clear shard of the arrow head from the wound in her thigh. The damage wasn’t deep but he could tell from the spreading red discoloration on the skin around the slit that there was more sinister injury... Continue Reading →


I sat in the corner of the dark room. The battery from my torch had died almost two hours ago and my phone wasn’t far behind. The chair I had picked faced the door and was near enough to the... Continue Reading →


The four of them sat in silence around the torn brown-paper parcel. It reminded Nick of a cartoon he had saw as a kid. He could picture an animated cat holding it in his oversized paws. It was rectangular, twice... Continue Reading →


Grey hair and beard whipping about his head The Stormbringer stood on the edge of the sheer cliff. His purple robe and cloak flung out behind him like a man on the run. His feet planted soundly on the rock... Continue Reading →


His wide eyes stared at the cupboard door just visible in the moonlight sneaking in through the gap ion the curtains. His hands gripped the sheets close to his face, his nose protruding over in an almost comedic fashion. He... Continue Reading →


Brendan Timmins was the Main Point of Contact. He sat behind a long white desk, back stiff, tie straight, shirt pressed, for eight hours a day. He sported his yellow tie today as it was the third Tuesday of the... Continue Reading →


He used the fork to cut the already small piece of chicken in half. Piercing it with the tines he soaked it as much as was possible in the mild curry sauce and ran it through the rice, allowing a... Continue Reading →


From the start of the day he knew everything was going to be fine. He had tossed and turned for hours trying to sleep but as the morning light began to creep its way under the ill-fitting blinds of the... Continue Reading →

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