Well, that is the plan at least. To write three pages almost everyday, just to get into the routine. I plan on letting my creative exploration ramble on for what will probably work out as one thousand words most days. these will be unedited, ¬†unrevised, and unplanned pieces of work that are simply to get the ‘juices flowing’. I have constrained myself to no more than the three pages so the endings may seem a little rushed. Feel free to comment on any of them, offer advice or criticism, or ask for more.

What appears here will be a typed version of the written pages.

Bare in mind these are early morning efforts simply to wash the mind clean and get into the rhythm for working on my novel, no offense, upset or directed intention is meant by any of them.

I hope most fall into the category of ‘very’ short story but I will write as the mood dictates.