Shiny black and vaporous the muscular steed forced its way through the snow. Swimming each thick tired leg slowly through the drift.

The tiny rider, perched on top, peered out from a slit in her furs. Balanced neatly in the saddle with her knees pulled up under her chin, she swayed gently from side to side. The rhythm of the ploughing horse softly rocking her from below.

Pulling her wolf skin cloak tighter around her small frame, trying to trap as much heat as she could she thought to herself ‘three more hours of this should get me there.’

The horse worked its way through the snow, steam rising all around him as the slush and the sweat evaporated from the heat of his straining muscles.

“Every year we do this it looks more and more beautiful. Don’t you agree, Alice?”

“Definitely, “replied Alice, freeing a hand to pat the horse on the side of his neck. “But you know I prefer the sunny zones, Horse.”

Feeling the nip of cold on her fingers she gave the horse one last pat and tucked her hand back under her underarm for heat.

The swaying journey continued on, the snow at a constant level around them for the miles they crossed.

The slight incline they travelled led to the summit of the central range and the further they got into their journey it revealed more and more of the landscape around them

As they neared the station at the top they could clearly see the three separate habitats. Each one offering a different arctic experience to their visitors.

Beyond that the large glass dome which surrounded them was hazy and misty, blocking any view of the rest of the orbital.

The overhanging roof of the station created a snowless area around it’s curtilage. As Alice and the horse reached this she leapt off and hurried towards the door to swipe herself in.

“Bob, your shift’s over! Get home!” she yelled as she approached the weather control room, stamping what snow had gathered on her boots into small soon to be puddles.