I remember I was hiding behind the huge wheel of the large brown truck. Hunkered down under the massive pole that ran over my right shoulder to connect somewhere behind me. The cold wet, grit of the road biting into the skin on my bare knees, my hands and face streaked in grease and dirt from where I held on to the back fixtures of the tyre.

The large brown truck sat cold and silent above me. I knew there was gold writing along either side of its huge container but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it said. It was Mr. Smith’s van and he wouldn’t be using it until Monday.

I held my breath as I heard the sound of running feet. ‘only two?’ I thought as they both ran to a stop somewhere near the front of the vehicle.

“You find him?” a voice asked.

“No, you?” answered and asked the other

“Nope.” Was the obvious dejected reply.

I slid my head to the side to try and catch a look at them both. Under the front of the truck I could see two pairs of scrawny white legs, dirty and blackened by their efforts in searching for me.

They’d obviously hunted quite far as they both had the ‘sticky willy’s’ of Old Mrs. Scott’s back garden stuck to their greying sports socks.

Suddenly I heard the sound of beating footsteps coming from the other direction and I pressed myself hard against the wheel again. If any was going to find me, it would be this fellow. I momentarily glimpsed his dark black army boots and trousers flash by the rear of the truck as he came around to a halt beside the others.

“Did you find him?” the new voice asked.

“Nope.” Squeaked the first.

“What about you?” He asked again.

“Nope, he’s too good.” Answered the second.

I liked hearing that. It made this venture worthwhile.

I knew there wasn’t much time left but I was too scared to even move enough to just check my watch in case I gave my hiding position away.

I listened as the three voices hummed and hawed over what to do next until, finally, my watch began to beep its alarm.

I climbed out from under the truck to see the three shocked, dirty and annoyed faces of my friends.

“Ha ha! Got you! Times up and I’m the champion!” I sang all the way back to our house for lunch.