She sat at the little round metal table, the three empty seats squeezed in around it in an obvious display of optimistic expectation. There was no way on earth that the table was big enough to cope with all four seats being used at once.

Her hair neatly billowed around her dark face in controlled nonchalance, framing the large dark glasses held neatly over her sharp nose.

There was an empty ashtray in the centre of the table. If there had been any doubts in it or people smoking nearby she would have sat inside at the window instead, but, she was alone outside and it seemed that no smokers had visited the coffee shop yet today.

A small white plate held the tightly folded wrapper of a muffin and a few brown crumbs had been prodded into a previse pile beside it.

Only half her latte prevailed in the large white ceramic mug she held in both hands. The inside marked with ordered concentric rings showing her slow methodical sipping. It would now be the perfect temperature for the next few sips but she would never rush through it savouring, instead, the progress from too hot to too cold.

Every sip forced her to rub her thumb over the rim of the mug to swipe away the soft suggestion of her red lipstick left by her kiss.

She shrugged her shoulders adjusting the deep red scarf draped around them and altered the crossing of her feet before placing the mug down on the table; exactly the same distance from the ashtray, the plate and its edge.

She smiled at the effect. It looked, to her, like an exploded and inverted Disney Logo. An artistically vague silhouette of Mickey Mouse.

She sat back a little more into the moulded plastic seat and watched the people walk by. The variety and consistency making her feel both excited and annoyed. People fascinated her but she hated them.

“People just ruin everything,” She thought as she picked up her mug to begin her final round of sipping.