From the start of the day he knew everything was going to be fine. He had tossed and turned for hours trying to sleep but as the morning light began to creep its way under the ill-fitting blinds of the stuffy bedroom he knew everything would be ok.

There wasn’t much hope of anything having had changed overnight, but hope never got anyone anywhere anyway. Feeling still tired, he pushed himself out of bed.

Going across the hall and into the bathroom he found the cold tiles quite refreshing as he brushed his teen. He rinsed his mouth, gargled some mouth wash and, after spitting it directly down the sink hole, he stood to stare deeply into his own tired green eyes. The shadows bagged below each were deep and bruised. He laughed as he considered how it looked like someone had punched him square on the nose. Life had hit him hard.

The fact that the past few days had manifested themselves on his face like this was the least of his troubles, but, like he kept telling himself, everything was going to be ok.

He ironed his shirt and trousers and sat to watch some terrible early morning TV show. This was how he liked to do things, a bit ‘arse-from-elbow’ he had been described. Up, teeth, ironing, TV, breakfast and then getting showered and dressed.

Today wasn’t much of a day for breakfast. He didn’t have much of an appetite and the smell in the hospital always made him queasy and want to throw up anything he had eaten anyway.

He was surprised the freedom his situation had brought him. Normally visiting time would be eleven in the morning until midday, three in the afternoon until four and seven at night until eight, but he was being treated as special. He could visit anytime with just a quick phone call ahead.

They were being cared for in a single room. His father and sister in two beds on one side and his wife and son opposite. Four large beds surrounded by the noisiest machines money could buy. It infuriated him that they could not synchronise their beeping.

They were the only four people to have survived the jet crash and he was determined to discover who had sent the drone to bring it down.

He knew where to start.