Brendan Timmins was the Main Point of Contact. He sat behind a long white desk, back stiff, tie straight, shirt pressed, for eight hours a day.

He sported his yellow tie today as it was the third Tuesday of the month.

The sound of footsteps bounced down the hallway. Brendan’s posture stiffened even more and a smile forced its way across his face.

The steps sounded closer and closer as Brendan quickly tried to choose whether to interlace his fingers on the desk in front of him or lay his hands out flat. He only had seconds to decide.

As he opted for the hands flat look he bared his teeth into a wider, more welcoming smile, while the steps reached his door, and continued right by, the flash of a grey suit all he caught.

His shoulders slumped ever so slightly and the smile fell from his face. The fading beat of the footsteps the only sound around him.

He looked down at the three piles of paper on the desk in front of him and arranged them, again, into a slightly different layout. The box of pens stood next to the sheets, only one missing from the total.

This week’s topics for the Sports and Recreation Department was to do with the Chess Team, the Reading Group and the Family Picnic choices. He was trying to promote them all but had his favourite.

He had already filled in and filed his response on the Chess Team form, just to get the ball rolling.

He sat there, Monday to Friday, hopeful that more people would become interested.

The best response he’d had was the week of the Wine Tasting, Barbecue Option and Camping Trip. They had really upset him that week and a committee had overridden all of his work.

“Why not do all three this time?” They’d asked, “Make a long weekend of it!” they’d said, “We’ll help.” They’d threatened.

This was, after all, a purely volunteer role and no amount of money would change that.

He’s been away from the company for only five years, but since Lilly had passed, returned just to help them have some fun.