Grey hair and beard whipping about his head The Stormbringer stood on the edge of the sheer cliff. His purple robe and cloak flung out behind him like a man on the run. His feet planted soundly on the rock below.

He held the bright glowing, crystal headed staff high above his head in one hand as his other hand carved and cut strange shimmering designs into the air before him. Each pass of a finger or slice of his palm leaving a faint shimmering thread to fade before him.

The Stormbringer had sunk most of the approaching ships heading into the bay with his first few spells. The sound of the dying creatures in the water below drowned out by the driving rain and constant wind.

One ship stood alone, unmolested. A soft red aura surrounding the entire vessel in a delicately perceivable shield. On oval shaped area of utter calmness was delivering the ship to the shore. The wind and waves breaking against the red glow.

It appeared so out of place, as if glimpsing another place or time through a break in reality. The calm, almost unhurried approach of the ship juxtaposed with the destruction and death whirling in the waters around it. The ship glided forward, held in its warm safe glow as the Stormbringer hurled ever harsher effects directly into its path.

As the ship came closer he could see a figure standing alone and proud on the bow of the ship. Her deep crimson robes gently floating at her sides. Long blonde hair cascading softly around her sun kissed face.

She held her staff in both hands directly over her head. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be singing or chanting to herself, unperturbed by what lay around her beyond the stretch of her magic.

The storm subtly stuttered as his attention was drawn by the shock of recognition. She was as beautiful as he remembered.

Together they had held off the Dragon Lords in their attempt to enslave the Captains of Kannis. Their successful counter attack on the Dragonholds had led to the last two hundred years of peace. Now they were on different sides.

She hadn’t appeared to have aged a day. He knew she hadn’t seen him yet and hoped she would recognise him before either of them did something regrettable.

He planted the foot of his staff into the ground as his eyes began to crackle with power and the lighting charged in the sky.