Scott Luke Writes

The occasional outpouring of creation.


He stood looking at the two half fences that sat neatly over the opening of the lane. Nestled between his new house and his closest neighbour. This lane ran between the length of them. Ending at the rear of the properties... Continue Reading →



She sat at the little round metal table, the three empty seats squeezed in around it in an obvious display of optimistic expectation. There was no way on earth that the table was big enough to cope with all four... Continue Reading →


I remember I was hiding behind the huge wheel of the large brown truck. Hunkered down under the massive pole that ran over my right shoulder to connect somewhere behind me. The cold wet, grit of the road biting into... Continue Reading →


Was it a right turn, or a left? I had no idea. I'd drawn a little stick like map believing that it would be all I needed, but, I’d totally fucked up. I tried to remember the original that I'd... Continue Reading →


Shiny black and vaporous the muscular steed forced its way through the snow. Swimming each thick tired leg slowly through the drift. The tiny rider, perched on top, peered out from a slit in her furs. Balanced neatly in the... Continue Reading →


It was every five seconds, every God damn five seconds, and Chris would clear his throat. Two short coughs as if trying to be subtle about it. As if everyone wouldn’t notice and already be wound up about it. He’d... Continue Reading →


The letter ended with ‘I miss you’ and a solitary kiss. He folded the old piece of paper carefully along the over used creases and placed it gently into the inside pocket of his top. Head bowed with though he... Continue Reading →


The weapon hummed gently in his hands, only hinting at the tremendous power it could emit. His back was pressed against the wall to the left of the recently opened airlock, its cold steel chilling him, as he tried to... Continue Reading →


He lay on the grass watching the clouds above him billow by. The noise was deafening and the people wouldn’t leave him alone. The pool of water growing near his head lapped closer and closer as the fireman nearest him... Continue Reading →

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